Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to make a fingerless glove using old socks

I Hope we all like a stylish fingerless glove, it looks fashion and fun to wear on a bike ride, boxing and on winter so lets try to make one from household scrap , but all u should have is time , a sewing machine if u know to sew or a good sewer who can sew for u and a good shade of socks

Step 1

Cut the toe section off of the socks. Depending on the length of the stockings, you may have enough for 2 pair as

Step 2

Using a straight stitch on sewing machine, sew a backwards check mark through both layers. sew a little more than 2" on the long side -- you can use your own hand to determine exactly how long you want that seam.

Tip: if you're using dark socks, and you want to mark  your stitch line before sewing, a sliver of dry soap makes a great marking tool.

Step 3

Cut just outside the seam you just sewed, and then cut off the top of the thumb.

I wanted a more rustic look, so I sewed the outside, leaving the seam visible. If you would like to hide the seam, turn the stocking inside out to sew.

Step 4

While stretch knits won't ravel if left unfinished,  and bottom edges with a simple overcast stitch on  sewing machine. 
And if u spare some good time u can make a good one

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