Monday, 15 February 2016

Give a Hope

"GIVE A HOPE"  was a social initiative by the fledgling Vizag based youth group "Yes We Can". We have mobilized youth and organized a street show along the beach, at YMCA involving Dance, Magic and Music. 

The funds that were collected at the event were used to enrich the lives of hard-working daily wage laborers. The recipients of the money were carefully observed and selected by the team members. Here are some of their responses, the joy we had in seeing them smile, and the issues that motivated us to start Give A Hope in the first place.

All the Dramatic Shots are True Incidents and shot without knowing the presence of the Camera 

Thanks to our team for making it successful

Sashmith Mohan, Ragh Sai, Dhanwanth, Sirish Pakki, Priya, Arudra, Vineet Doki , Koushik, Zerub Roberts, Neelima, Teja Tribhuvan, Stephen Anurag P, Navya Rao 

Directed by: Nitish John & Alpha —

Executive Producers: Nitish John & Alpha

Screenplay by: Nitish John & Alpha






Editing: Alpha

Sound Mixing: Nitish John

Technical Advisor: Krishna K

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