Monday, 20 February 2012

Tv antenna from coat hanger

Rabbit ears are for rabbits, not digital televisions.
In this project, I’ll show you how to build your
own digital TV antenna from wire hangers, a piece
of wood and some pipe.

I hope this is version 2 antenna submitted in my blog
The following design was invented in the 1960s by an engineer
named Doyt Hoverman.  It is particularly sensitive in the UHF
frequency range, the same range used for the majority of digital television transmissions

Electric drill
Screwdriver or screw shooter
Screwdriver bits
1/16” drill bit
3/32”  drill bit
¼” drill bit
Scrap wood

Wire hangers (6)
Wood board, approximately 3” x 20” x ¾“
#6 round head wood scews, ¾” long, and washers (10)
U-bolts, ¼” diameter, 2 ½” long, nuts washers (2)
¾” diameter iron pipe, 24” long, one end threaded
¾” pipe floor flange
#10 wood screws, flat headed, 1” long (4)
Wood board, approximately 12” x 10” x ¾”
75 to 300 ohm matching transformer with spade clips on one end
and female F connector on other

Estimated Cost: 
$20 or less.

Before you begin:
You may find it necessary to modify these instructions, depending on
what materials and tools you have at hand, and any improvements
you might want to make in the design.  Go ahead and customize the
project and make it your own!

Step 1.  Mark the antenna frame
Begin construction of the antenna by marking a 3” x 20” board as
shown below.  Note that these dimensions are important to get a
good signal with the finished antenna.

Step 2.  Drill holes for mounting screws
Drill a 1/16” pilot hole for each screw location

Step 3.  Cut four coat hangers and remove finish
Cut apart four wire coat hangers as shown in the diargram below to
obain eight V-shaped pieces of wire, each side of the V being
8” long with a 3” opening.  Remove any paint or varnish at the
bottom of the V so they’ll make good electrical contact.

Step 4.  Cut and straighten two coat hangers
Cut apart two coat hangers to obtain two wires, 22” long.
Step 5.  Attach wires to board
Attach the wire pieces as shown, bending the wire to make good 
electrical contact with the screw heads.  Note how the straight 
wires cross back and forth between the screws. 

Step 6.  Attach TV transformer
Attach the matching transformer to the center two connections of 
the antenna.

Step 7.  Attach antenna to pipe
Attach wood to pipe with U-bolts.

Step 8.  Attach antenna to base
Attach flange to wood base and screw pipe into pipe flange.
Connect the antenna to your TV and try it out!

Digital television signals are strongest when the path from the
transmitter to your antenna is not obstructed by buildings or trees.
So putting your antenna in an upper story or an attic will improve
your reception

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